Count 4dB Is just a normal dude with a weird imagination.
Either that or a weird dude with a normal imagination.
His music has been described as such:
"I can't believe it's not butter!"
"...reminded me of Snoop, all laid back and chill."
"...reminded me of Slim, just super spastic and high strung."
"Very Bogart"
His Roots in the San Francisco Bay Area and Humboldt County provided inspiration from artists such as Richie Rich, RBL, Brotha Lynch, Heiro, Potluck, Sub Sab, and Andre Nickatina.
He has played with characters from gypsy kids who can't speak English, to battle rappers who sort of speak English, to oldschool musicians who have lived many years under the code of Funk.
Count 4dB's latest of 4 releases 'Rylander: There Can Be Only One' was written and recorded in Scotland featuring local acts and musicians. Creating it had aided 4dB in his ongoing journey of becoming a warlock and jedi of hip hop. 
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